Over the past four months i’ve had some pretty big life changes, heck, i’ve moved to a capital city, started university, got a new job, made a heapful of friends and gotten pretty loved up. Blogging has taken the backseat to all of the above and, regrettably, I haven’t shown my site the love it truly deserves. I don’t know if many people read what I post, however I feel like I owe something to my site. Why am I starving it of the great content I am capable of producing?

That was when it came to me, very early in the morning, listening to the buzz of london traffic outside my flat. It’s okay to be average.

When I say average what I mean is not reaching your full potential in an area you know you can. Average in the sense that not everything in that area is 100%, star spangled banners and confetti. I sat and thought to myself, it’s okay that i’m not doing much with my blog and YouTube at the moment because in actual fact i’m producing some pretty great university work. That is when it hit me – who actually has all of their shit together all of the time? N O B O D Y. You cannot physically be excelling in everything all of the time. You can be great at something and average at others and that’s very much okay.

This can literally be applied to everybody and everything.

When a large portion of your awesomeness is focussed on one thing that you know you’re great at and that you love and want more than anything else, it’s okay to let the other things in life become average and to turn the volume down on a little.

I’ve learnt the hard way that as a perfectionist, I cannot and will not have perfection in all aspects of my life all of the time. I have, however, come to a compromise that as long as I am bossing one thing in my life, the other things are allowed to not be perfect all of the time. This is normal, and guess what, this is okay.

I have always hated when people told me that you can’t be good at everything, because I believe you can be good at everything (of importance to you anyway) – just maybe not all at once.

So the point is, I think that in a world where we are constantly shown the ‘perfect life’ through instagram or advertising we should start to realise that none of those things are real. Real life is celebrating making your 9am lecture, going to the gym once every other week or drinking actual plain water. We aren’t all perfect and there is no rule saying you need to be good at everything 24 hours a day. Go easy on yourself, you’re only human – this year you can make some mistakes and it’s only something to learn from. 2018 – we’ve got this.

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