Primark makeup, something i’ve never tried before. I won’t be dishonest here to say I was a little dubious about trying some of their makeup products – why are they so inexpensive? I’m always one to try new products – especially when they’re berry lip colours!

I purchased two lipsticks, one matte (£1.50, unnamed) and one sheer (£0.90) in colour Midnight. I also picked up three ‘velvet matte lipstick crayons’ for £2.00 each in colours Wine, Shameless and an unnamed one.

So the packaging is quite simple, plain black designs with the colours on the bottoms. I thought it was a bit pants that two products weren’t named sadly. For under £3 each, its good packaging. The matte lipstick has a nice matte effect square  holder and the sheer is in a nicely rounded black holder too.

So for the products themselves, I tried them on and wore them all for a period of time to test them out.

Firstly, the matte lipstick smells very sweet and vanilla based. It’s got good pigment but doesn’t glide on smoothly, it’s a little dry in formula. For the price, its a good product, however for me personally it was just too drying on the lips.

The sheer lipstick in ‘Midnight’ didn’t have a particular smell and had a good pigment. I din’t really like the formula as it was a little messy and kind of tacky too on the lips – not the most comfortable product to wear. However, for 90p the pigment is really good.

The velvet matte lip crayons are all the same size and have no smell. The colour pay off is really good for each and they glide over the lips nicely. The only product I found difficult to use was ‘Shameless’ as it was a dark colour. Now it’s understandable that pigment is hard to achieve in a dark colour, but the product actually started to come off after 2 minutes of wear around the inside of my mouth – bummer. The other two colours however were perfectly fine. Overall for £2 each they are good products, super easy to use and nicely pigmented!

Would I use any of the products? Two of the lip crayons were great, and i’d love to include them in my fall lip collection! The matte lipstick i’d incorporate into an ombre lip, but not for overall wear. Sadly, I just didn’t love the sheer lip colour and the ‘Shameless’ Lip crayon. The formula needs a little work but for 90p & £2 I mean…


Have you tried any Primark makeup? Any total loves or any major fails? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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