Why hello, this blog post is being posted from (you guessed it) Sri Lanka. The location of my latest travels! So I’ve finally been able to locate some wifi during my adventures and I thought I would share my experience with you…enjoy!

Sri Lanka is located just under India, it’s the tiny tear drop shaped island, and ,despite its size, it has absolutely so much to see and do. As I’m here for three weeks, I’m travelling all around the island to see and experience the best parts. After an EXTREMELY stressful exit from the UK thanks to heathrow airport, I was in desperate need of this paradise island. Sri Lanka didn’t disappoint as my first night was spent on the beach in Negombo – the first thing I did was jump into my floral primark bikini and run straight into the sea!

Day two was spent with my favourite animals -Elephants! My outfit of the day was a monochrome, Aztec play suit from Primark, Raybans and white sandals from Primark ; it was a nice and light outfit for such a long day in the tropical weather. We travelled to a special river spot where over 30 elephants were all together swimming and playing around in the water! My first instinct was to grab my camera and get some shots of them with their hilarious natural behaviours, they really can be cheeky!!

One of the highlights of the day (apart from the elephants!) was the street sellers and their little roadside stalls. I experienced drinking coconut milk from a fresh coconut and tasting some exotic fruits ; lychee, guava, star fruit and red bananas! I learnt the process of how paper is made from elephant dung and surprisingly it didn’t smell haha! I was also deeply considering buying a whole wardrobe of Asian prints from the street sellers – Harem trousers, skirts, dresses and tote bags (oh they were all so colourful) but I managed to draw myself away before I got too engrossed in shopping!

We then went to the home of the elephants, and I was lucky enough to feed the elephants and get right close with them – even sharing a cuddle with a fully grown female called Nuwarli! From the orphanage I travelled up to Sigirya and found myself staying in a rainforest retreat, shadowed by the infinite Sigirya rock, which the next morning I would be climbing… 200m vertically upwards.

The next morning I was up and out early as it would gradually get hotter throughout the day. It was a long climb and my trusty Nike free runs were carrying me up higher and higher, until I found myself at the peak staring out over miles and miles of Sri Lanka. 200m upwards I was left feeling like I was in a photo shoot with an extreme wind machine, which in turn caused my hair to represent some kind of lion mane -and this was all before breakfast!!

Later that day I was re-united with even more elephants and had a fantastic jungle trek, sitting on the back of the gorgeous elephant Mahdoo. Mahdoo was only 25 and yet in comparison to myself he was utterly massive. The thing I’ve found about elephants is that they are extremely loyal to their keepers, extremely calm and also very loving animals. In Sri Lanka elephants are extremely sacred to the Buddhist religion and also are held very dear in the heart’s of the entire nation. As elephants have similar life spans to humans, the keepers told me that when an elephant dies it receives the same treatment as when a human dies, with sometimes hundreds of humans turning up to the funeral held by Buddhist monks.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Mahdoo and and his jungle home for the city of Kandy where I would experience one of the biggest and most spectacular festivals in Asia – the asala perahera, a celebration of Buddhist religion, Hinduism and Sri Lankan gods that dates back to before the 11th century. Before attending the festival I stopped at the starting point of the festival also one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Asia. To show respect you are required to cover your shoulders and knees before entering the temple, so I put on my silk patterned shirt, white tailored cropped trousers and Navy toms, which of course had to be removed before entering the temple. While I was in the temple I felt incredibly calm and peaceful, I sat amongst other worshippers in prayer and gave flower offerings to Buddha. The whole experience was incredible and I met and spoke to some amazing people. The one thing I noticed that in the temple almost all worshippers wore at least one item of white clothing ( my white trailered cropped trousers included!) and some of the women wore some absolutely stunning sarees, with amazing detailing.I’ve fallen completely in love with the sarees and am currently in the search of one – I shall post if I get one!

The perahera was absolutely amazing, and my seat as funny as it sounds was outside of Pizza Hut. It was a great spot as it was on the corner and the whole parade came right past me! A lovely lady at my hotel gave me a gorgeous red bindi so that I could look the part for the festival! The whole of Kandy was lit up and it was one big celebration with people travelling from all over to watch it! The pictures below do not do it justice at all as honestly there was just SO much going on all at once!

My life savers of the past few days have been:
benefit oxygen foundation -at night this is perfect to wear for dinner or the town as it’s so light and looks really natural so you can show off your tan!

simple hydrating moisturiser – I recommend this highly (I included it in my Daily skin are routine post previously!) as it is also very light, yet incredibly moisturising and also stops you from that tired skin feeling!

‘The Vogue Factor’ by Kirstie Clements. As an ex- vogue editor Kirstie Clements reveals all about life in the fashion industry -the beautiful and the ugly. This has been a perfect read for the long journeys and is especially suited to my love of all things fashion!

Hopefully I can regain some wifi upon the next leg of my journey and share even more of my experience with you! Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments as always!

Lots of love,
Beth xxxxxx

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