Hey all,

Just for a little bit of fun I thought I’d imagine what I would love to receive at Christmas time if money wasn’t a problem. This is just a little bit of fun, an imagination game  – don’t take it to heart, i’m not suggesting that being spoilt or materialistic during the christmas period is something to strive for (let’s not take it out of context).

Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap heels in Poudre // £650


I dream  of these heels every day, the ultimate feminine yet chic pair of heels. I imagine outfits of these heels, jeans and a white shirt, OR these heels and a day dress, soooo many possible combinations. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Dolce and Gabbana Soft handbag with embellishments // £2150


Bag of my dreams, so many embellishments and also yet another small bag (they’re just so practical!) The colour just draws attention and well for the price I hope it does just that!!!

(This handbag is also worth more than my car…)

Burberry Chelsea Heritage Long Trench Coat // £1395


Nothing more iconically British than a Burberry trench. Effortlessly stylish. A timeless classic. A want and a dream.

Tickets to see Beyonce 

Beyonce "The Formation World Tour" - New York City

I bloody love Beyonce, and it’s on my ultimate bucket list to see her perform live, how amazing would it be to receive tickets to see her on tour!



That’s right, you did indeed read stocks and not socks, although I do love receiving a good pair of socks each christmas! What a great gift it would be for a business minded girl like myself! I think it’s a great idea to buy some stocks for somebody as they can watch them progress (or maybe depress) within the market, possibly giving the opportunity to grow your investment and also to learn more about the market.

A Kitten or a Puppy!


I have the forever dream of owning a white cat and a dog, I just bloody love them. If i received a kitten or a puppy i’d go into meltdown, crying, hysterics – the whole shabang.

What’s on your ultimate dream christmas list?

love, Beth x

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