Hi all,

So over the past two weeks I feel like the brisk Winter has reached us here in London #WINTERISCOMING.

So in this brisk weather that can chill you to the bone, it’s good to take care of yourself, especially your skin. These are my 6 winter saviours that I use every day to maintain hydrated healthy skin.

  1. New look pom pom hat: Wearing a hat in chilly temperatures can not only get your head toasty, but also keep your scalp and hair cuticles from becoming dry and flaky. Cold winds cause vasoconstriction of surface blood vessels, reducing direct blood flow and cooling skin surface. This makes it more susceptible to cracking and drying.
  2. Aveeno Skin relief moisturising lotion: I have very sensitive skin during winter and often get bouts of eczema. I need a gentle moisturising to hydrate my skin and provide relief at the same time and this is exactly what this lotion does. The lotion is made from an oat complex, is fragrance and paraben free and is fast absorbing – so no greasy residue left on your skin.
  3. L’Occitane Shea butter hand cream: This is by far my favourite hand cream ever! The tube can be a little pricey but mine has lasted me about a year so far and i’m only half way through! It leaves your paws all kinds of silky smooth without that icky sticky residue.
  4. Water: Your body is made up of around 70% water, so quench the thirst. If you keep your body, skin and mind hydrated you will 100% notice the difference. Drinking more water has lead to clearer skin, reduction in headaches and in my opinion, just a healthier me!
  5. Cocoa butter vaseline: My favorite variation of vaseline, it smells and tastes amazing! In  a super handy little tin, it’s perfect for a hand bag. Vaseline is great to sooth dry cold bitten lips, or you could use in combination with sugar to create a little scrub. This is a great method to remove dead skin, its super easy, just rub on lips in a circular motion and wipe away!
  6. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream: Ever since my Nan introduced me to this, I have used this every winter since! This cream can be used for so many different things! Dry skin patch? Chapped lips? Sunburn? Windburn? flaky skin? peeling nose? Sore heels after dancing the night away? This cream works for all of them! P.S I have applied and certified that the cream works for all the above reasons

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, have any questions or swear by these products too!

Beth x

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