So yesterday may have been the best day ever, a whirlwind of a day – but amazing nevertheless. Late morning I was contacted by my colleague who received last minute fashion week tickets from a client and of course I accepted!

The only issue I had was that the show started at 1:30pm, It takes me approx 1hr to get to the location, which equalled barely any time to get ready.

I stuck to neutral make-up and my go to all black outfit with a pop of colour and minimal accessories.

file_000-7 file_000-8

  • Blazer – River island
  • Jumpsuit – Miss Selfridge
  • Bag – Forever 21
  • Choker – Primark

I regretted wearing heels slightly as I didn’t anticipate how much walking I would actually do, and a vast majority of people there were in flats or trainers (even the designer himself!). However, I wasn’t the only person wearing heels either – so in a roundabout way what i’m trying to say is that heels or trainers both work well when trying to work out a look for LFW.

Th weather itself was quite chilly in London, and I’m super glad that I was covered up, however if i’m being honest others were still trying to wear S/S outfits – it’s fall now, time to give the bare legs and arms the boot!

Also, a super cool spot was that some creative characters had handmade/personalised outfits. Sadly I didn’t shoot them all but the individuality and creativity was amazing! Rachel AKA. @blondejunk had the most awesome leather jacket i’ve seen in a while with a print of Anna Wintour and a great creative pun ‘ Wintour is coming’ – GOT fans will understand.


So when trying to plan an outfit (something I sadly had less than an hour to do) consider the following:

  • What is my go to style? 
  • Is there lots of walking involved?
  • What is the weather like?
  • How can I personalise my look?
  • Do I have room for the necessities?
  • Is it actually comfortable to wear?

Minimalist chic is kind of my go to, and I think that everybody at the show wore what represented them. From bold prints, to hand made outfits and even the ‘barely there’ look nothing was considered bad taste – it’s fashion week after all, a place where everybody’s fashion taste can be shown off.

For pics of the event check out my instagram, a post on the show will be live soon!

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