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If you follow me on twitter you will have probably heard about my HD brows and lash lift and tint. Here I’ll explain the process a little bit more, my thoughts and the outcome! First thing first, I just wanted to say that I do have fast growing dark eyebrows, and also fairly long, dark eyelashes. My beautician Demi from Thurrock’s beauty service did the treatments and she is is a qualified beautician with an amazingly broad range of certificates and skill sets. I opted for these treatments as i’m super lazy and will do anything to sleep in a little longer in the mornings, both treatments mean that you don’t really need to use make-up on your eyebrows or lashes.

‘why didn’t you go for lash extensions?’ – I had a really bad experience with eyelash extensions at my prom, they resulted in my eyes being really irritated and my natural lashes begun to fall out too. This has left me a little scared to try them again. I also picked to do the lash lift and tint as it’s super quick in comparison, only uses my own eyelashes and it doesn’t damage them.

‘what is different about HD brows to a normal wax and tint?’ – HD brows is a 7 step process that involves  a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading, using specialist HD Brow products.


Here you can see my super overgrown caterpillar brows and natural lashes. I grew my eyebrows out so that Demi had a lot of growth to work with to get the best possible thickness. My eyes are a little red from removing my eye make-up from the day, so nothing to worry about!

The process

Demi explained everything and I had to fill out a quick form just with my details in the event that anything went wrong. Demi started by doing my eyebrows first – boy was I excited, the struggle of growing them out was real! After a process of waxing, threading, plucking, tinting and a little HD brow make-up magic my brows looked A1. My eyebrows have never looked this good in my life, ever. I had a few gaps in my eyebrows beforehand as you can see in the photo and no real definition of arch or tail of the brow. But now, they’re ready to go and look really thick and full. The process as a whole took about 25 minutes.

Next Demi started work on my eyelashes. After cleansing them, she put a gel pad underneath my lashes, to stick them down and it felt so so strange, as if my eyelashes were kind of floating? First Demi applied a solution to my lashes to lift them, and we waited for this to do its thing. Secondly, Demi applied a different solution to prime and set them in place, we waited again for this to get to work. Finally, a lash tint was applied and this is to make your lashes look dark – as though you’ve put mascara on. She then cleansed my eyes and removed the gel pads.

Upon looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe that these were my own lashes! They were really dark as if I had mascara on and so lifted, right from the base. It really made my eyes look even bigger and as though I had false eyelashes on!


As you can see in this picture I have absolutely zero make-up on – hi giant nose spot! My brows and eyelashes look amazing and i’m so in love! HD brows last roughly 4-6 weeks and eyelash lift last 6-8 weeks. I would definitely recommend this treatment, it has saved me time in the mornings and even on full make-up days I feel adequate enough to not touch my lashes or brows! I haven’t touched my brow or lash products for 2 weeks now (sorry Anastasia dipbrow) and this is probably the best beauty treatments that I have had done!

If you live in the Essex area and want to you can find Demi on instagram (@thurrocksbeautyservice) or on facebook (Thurrocks beauty service).


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  1. RealNess
    30th March 2017 at 3:51 pm (1 year ago)

    Im going to check this out 🙂 Wanted stronger brows! Yours look so good! xxx

  2. Harriet
    11th April 2017 at 8:10 pm (1 year ago)

    So I’ve just had a massive read through your blog. It’s been long over due!! Your brows look lovely and you’re killing it as usual! You look so lovely with no makeup on and it must be so handy having perfect brows without the makeup!

    • lovelilli
      13th June 2017 at 10:17 am (1 year ago)

      thank you so much lovely girl! xxxx


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