Hi all,

It’s been a long time since i’ve posted and I’ve been debating a lot on where I want to go with this blog. I have a real passion for sport and fitness and love watching fitness vlogs etc (Carly Rowena is amazing!). I’ve always been into sport and continue to compete in athletics but i’ve always wanted to get a real lean body. So I thought, what better idea than to take you on my fitness journey – a real one, not just an instagram facade.

I will be honest here, because I’m not one to sugar coat things on this site, but my nutrition has always been my downfall. I’m quite a fussy eater and after a recent dietary intolerance development i’ve lost focus and fallen off track with how i’m fuelling my body. I’m also a big fan of chocolate and I somehow follow the all or nothing rule when it comes to treats. BUT i’ve decided enough is enough and I’m going to commit to being the person i’ve always wanted to be.

Why now? I’ve been struggling recently with anxiety, stress and i’m just generally in a rut. I have always began to get antsy if I don’t exercise and lately it’s been worse than ever being busy at work. So, I think that there is nothing better than to channel my energy into something I am passionate about and something that is positive. Plus it would be great to look amazing in a bikini this summer! This is where my new plan and schedule comes in *trumpet fanfare*.

First of all I’ve decided to work in 4 week rotations, with a schedule each week for my nutrition and my gym work. This makes things manageable and if you know me, you’ll understand I love organisation. I’ve used my instructing qualification to my advantage and have structured a plan to suit me with a combination of cardio, weights and HIIT sessions.

In terms of nutrition i’ve found inspiration online and am following an ABC programme. Group A is your protein sources: meat, fish and eggs. Group B is your veggies: sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, onions etc. Group C is your good fats, coconut oil, nuts and pulses. On top of this are extras, snacks and supplements. I’ve made this plan to suit my needs and to fuel my current level of performance, so it may not be suitable for everybody to follow.

For gym and exercise, i’ve scheduled different sessions to target certain areas or to do some serious fat burning – think leaner and stronger. I’ve been really inspired by Joe Wicks’ HIIT sessions and think that they’re a great way to power through and set your metabolism on fire (in the best possible way of course). Again, i’ve scheduled in classes at my gym and my track sessions so take the daily workouts and move them around to suit you! I’ve also not included any weights, as everybody is different and I don’t want to pressure anybody into feeling like they aren’t lifting heavy enough – just do what you are capable of, but don’t wimp out, make sure you’re challenging yourself!

The key point here is that I am starting a new fitness journey and I want to take you all with me, for the high and the lows – I want to give a realistic view on what a fitness journey is actually like. So starting on Monday we’re going on this one together, and i’ll be sharing updates, recipes and workouts all along the way.

I hope you enjoy, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

love, lilli

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