So a lovely PR package arrived in my mailbox last month from Anatomicals. I’ve seen this brand on ASOS and on twitter too. The first thing that stood out to me was their amazing packaging. Now the usual skincare brand has a picture, some cute box details and ingredients – Anatomicals has brightly coloured packaging and some of the funniest product descriptions and names i’ve ever seen. I love it!

I was sent a range of products including a variety of face masks and lip repair treatments. Obviously I went in with the face masks first – who doesn’t love a face mask? I used the ‘Farewell Scarlet pimple hell’ deep cleansing, clarifying mud mask (I wasn’t joking about the amazing product names!). This mask was a greenish colour and made me look like Shrek, it felt really cold and fresh on my skin – no tingles. It washed off really nicely too and generally made my skin feel soft and fresh – think post facial without the huge price tag.

The second face mask was the “Grease isn’t the word. (tell me more, tell me more”) mattifying face mask to reduce shine. I personally have dry skin and so this mask wasn’t meant for my skin type. I gifted it to a friend however and she loved it! In her words not mine it left her face feeling like “really posh toilet paper – you know the soft kind”.

The final face mask was “look you’ve got chocolate all over your face” calming, anti-stress face mask. I saved this one especially for one of those days where it feels like your brain and your soul have taken a battering. For me this was a post excel spreadsheet day that consisted of formulas within formulas, leaving my brain fried and unable to comprehend basic maths. When I opened this mask the first thing I though of was that it smelt good enough to eat. I’m really not joking when I say that it smells like fresh chocolate brownies – I mean if that isn’t amazing then I don’t know what is. The mask was instantly cooling and soothing, I left it on for a lot longer than necessary due to being deeply distracted by a gripping episode of Reign (i’m on season 2 currently). Even though it had dried really hard and made me feel like a botox patient it washed off really easily and my skin felt amazing! So soft and the redness around my hormonal spots had reduced dramatically. It did however make me crave chocolate… a lot.

I’ve just looked online and seen that you can buy this pack of face masks from ASOS for £3.50! What an absolute steal! The product link is here.

I was also kindly sent some lip treatments. When it comes to lip treatments I must say that I haven’t strayed away from Vaseline and Blistex literally ever. I thought I would give one of them a go for a while to see how they compare. I tried the “Stop cracking up” lip balm as cherry flavoured things aren’t my cup of tea. My first thought when using this is that you only need a tiny bit, it’s super liquidy and a little goes a long way(if that makes sense). It smells really nice, hints of cocoa butter and has the feel of coconut oil on the lips. It’s not sticky, but my hair definitely got stuck to my mouth on a few occasions. After using it everyday for 2 weeks I did notice a difference in softness to my lips. Personally I wasn’t so keen on the lip gloss kind of feel to it but that’s just personal opinion – this product definitely works!

A big thank you to Anatomicals and their awesome PR package – I just love this tongue in cheek brand and their modern approach to everyday beauty! I will definitely be purchasing some more from their site or on ASOS!


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