Hello! 🙂
So recently I had a change in hair colour thanks to my amazing friend Ruby whom is Daniel Galvin’s junior at Daniel Galvin salon in London! She toned down my hair back to my natural medium brunette with ombré blonde tips! I’m so in love with this new style, it’s perfect for winter and was just a nice change! So I thought as I had a new hair colour I would try out a new range of hair care. Hence after a lot of deliberation I decided to try l’oreal’s elvive nutri gloss crystal purely because if it’s suggested benefits (and it does look nice and sparkly!) I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner and intense conditioning mask for about two weeks now. I shampoo and condition my hair every other day as my hair is extremely thick and long and every other wash I use the intense conditioning mask. I’ve found that this range provides my hair with a lot of moisture and it does feel lighter even after one week of use! It does deeply condition your hair and it smells amazing! The only down side is that the intense conditioning mask is £4.50 for a relatively small amount, for me this is a bit of an issue as I just have so much hair! Apart from that I would re commend it to those of you suffering with winter hair blues!
I hope you’re all having a fab week and I look forward to your comments and views!
Lots of love,
Beth xxxxxxx



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