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So, I ventured out this payday to Lush lakeside as a close friend who works there suggested trying their natural products. Upon entering the store I was greeted by a mixture of scents that just tingled my nostrils and an arrays of colours within baskets and on shelves. All of the products are laid out so nicely and it’s a very hands on experience with employees encouraging you to test the products in store. I opted for a facial skincare products, a hair product, shower gel, bath bomb and a super sweet lip scrub (I may have gone slightly over the top).

So here’s my review of five lush products (tips included!):

1. Herbalism


This is a skin cleanser set out to remove dirt and grease leaving beautifully bright skin. It contains chamomile blue oil and rose absolute that balance skin tone, almonds and rice bran for exfoliation and chlorophyllin extract from alfalfa to provide minerals and vitamins revitalising your skin.

The scent and texture is quite unusual but being in concentrated form allows you not to waste any of the product. You take a small amount of herbalism into the palm of your hand, apply a little water until it forms a paste and then massage into your skin. I like to have quite a thick paste so I would suggest not to add too much water as it’ll just get very messy and drip down your face. I use this product both morning and night, and lately considering the humid weather I can really feel the benefits – my skin feels light and so clean and fresh!

2. Sakura bath bomb (ft.my bathroom)


Okay so this super flowery bath bomb captured my nostrils and held them hostage in store! The smell isn’t overpowering and actually is very sweet, with jasmine, lemon oil and mimosa it will leave your bathroom feeling like the first day of spring. It leaves the water feeling very soft and just sets a lovely relaxing tone for a good soak after a long day.

3. Bubblegum lip scrub


This is a little pot of Hubba bubba bubblegum loveliness. It’s so good at doing its job; removing dead skin and softening your skin. Firstly, you pat a little bit of the scrub onto your lips and then scrub it gently to exfoliate. You the. Lick your lips (don’t worry it’s completely edible as it’s made of sugar!) and then feel how smooth and soft they feel! It perfectly preps your lips before lipstick or lip liner.

4. Happy hippy shower gel


This is the perfect wake up shower gel – even for you duvet lovers. It’s bursting with pink grapefruit, tantalising your nostrils and awakening your skin! It’s got added essential oils too making your skin feel super soft and awakened! Absolutely in love with this product!

5. (Last but not least) Jason and the argan oil shampoo bar
So this unusual product is the equivalent of 5 bottles of shampoo -yes FIVE!
So as well as saving you £££($$$€€€¥¥¥ for my international readers) it smells a m a z i n g and contains argan oil so it’s a little foamy miracle for your hair! To use, you foam it up in your hand and then scrub the foam into your roots and ends. Love love love the smell and the clean silky feeling of my hair afterwards!


As well as these fabulous five products, I purchased a soap in which relates to one of the key issues in society today: LGBT inequality.


After the amazing news of marriage between same gender couples being legalised across the entire U.S.A this is a very talked about subject. It’s a big step forward for the LGBT community but the sad truth is that in 76 countries across the world it is illegal to be gay. It’s 2015 and many countries just have not accepted such basic human rights, forcing LGBT members to feel outcast and wrong in their own countries for simply being themselves. This soap donates all profits to LGBT charities, empowering the movement of equality within our society -because at the end of the day we are all equal beings in this world and your sexuality, nationality or ethnicity should not define how society treats you.

So I shall leave you with 5 reasons why I have fallen in love with lush as a brand:
1. They support charities through product profits, empowering change and positivity within the world
2. Their products are all natural, hand made and no nonsense!
3. Packaging is all recycled or biodegradable, protecting our precious planet
4. They fight animal testing with every inch of their being
5. You can be sure what you’re buying is worth the money.


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