P A R I S ♡
As my blog is under construction I thought I’d do some short posts on Instagram (@bethxjames). They were so well received that I thought i’d post them up on the blog! This is the first of a mini series called, “Cities I’m yet to meet, but have fallen for already” -enjoy

In the centre of the gloomy city a sky scraping  Dame de fer obnoxiously beams out her light. The eiffel tower is the diva of the city, a marvel that attracts crowds of tourists every day – but why wouldn’t she, she is beautiful after all. The city of love, of fashion and of food, Paris has captivated me for some time. I myself am a sucker for fashion and food and, admittedly, am in love with the idea of love. Could there be anything more perfect than waking up to explore the winding streets of the twenty arrondisiments with your love? I have always been a person to love organisation, but approaching a new city I sometimes think that to explore with no real plan is the best way to absorb the best bits -the things that tourists just aren’t often attracted to see. I can’t wait to use my French, for more than duolingo. I want to learn, to eat well and to shop(or window shop in most cases) in a bustling city of the unknown. I’m desperate to see the eiffel tower, but even more desperate to stumble across a hidden café with some really great home cooked food and an owner who has more stories to tell than you have time.

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  1. Josh @ LOOKDWN
    16th February 2017 at 10:10 am (1 year ago)

    Paris is gorgeous. I went for the On the Run Tour with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and even though we were there for just a day and a half it was such a great city to see. Can be pricey but you can get there really cheap on the Eurostar


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