So Bloggers Fashion Week is just around the corner and I was lucky enough to receive an invite to the event! I’ll be attending with my best friend/photographer/wife/therapist Liv and we’ve been brainstorming outfits that fit the dress code – ALL BLACK CHIC. If you know my style then you will understand this is right up my street (I’m a monochrome minimalist addict!).

So to put all my ideas together I created a Pinterest board (go check it out!)
check out my all black outfit inspo here Here’s a taster of what’s on my Pinterest board and what to expect from my outfit at the event

20150904-055720 pm-64640437.jpg

20150904-055720 pm-64640233.jpg

20150904-055720 pm-64640351.jpg

Not only was I lucky enough to receive an invite I also caught up with the super busy creator of the event Danielle Anotonio and got the lowdown on BFW, her fashion inspo and some tips on how to make the most of a PR event!
Q : What inspired you to create the Bloggers Hangout?
Danielle : I started The Bloggers Hangout just over two years ago. At the time there were a few events and gifting opportunities available for bloggers with a high number of subscribers but not for those who didn’t have those numbers but were still creating great content. So I wanted to start something that would be open to ALL bloggers and allow them to have fun while networking with brands and fellow bloggers within the community.

Q: If you could raid anybody’s wardrobe who would it be?
Danielle: To be completely honest at the moment my only style icon is a blogger and that’s Shirley B Eniang from http://www.shirleyswardrobe.com/ I could spend all day raiding her wardrobe as her style is right up my street!

Q:Who are your top 3 instagram accounts you follow and why?
Danielle :My favourite accounts are @iinuliina for great home decor (home decor is definitely an obsession of mine), @rachelaust is an Australian YouTuber. I love her overall style and Instagram theme. Finally am I allowed to say one of my own accounts @blog_planner? It’s just been a great experience to create a product from scratch and then be able to see some amazing bloggers using it to manage their content.

Q:What are you most looking forward to at B.F.W?
Danielle:I’m looking forward to working with this new venue OXO2 as its a great space and hopefully everyone will love it. I also love seeing everyone come together during each event and how friendly all the bloggers are with each other

Q:Is there any advice you could give to bloggers to make the most of the event?
Danielle: My advice would be to relax, have fun, be open minded and talk to as many brands and bloggers as possible because each conversation can lead to a great collaboration opportunity or a new friendship

It was so lovely to catch up with Danielle and I absolutely can’t wait to see all the brands and surprises she’s pulled out of the bag!

Keep your eyes peeled next week for a post on my experience and the lowdown on all things BFW!

Lots of love,
Beth xxxxxx

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